Booking Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy


1.1 All reservations processed through the website, hereafter referred to “us”, or “we” or “BH&V”, are passed on to third-party providers, and therefore their respective “Terms & Conditions” shall apply to all bookings via our site.

1.2 At the current time, we are partnering with the well-known hotel booking providers and Therefore, their respective “Terms & Conditions” shall apply to all bookings processed via BH&V.


Whilst we make every effort to ensure that all information displayed on our website is correct, BH&V is unable to guarantee the accuracy of all information contained in our site, nor can we guarantee that the site is free of errors or faults. This includes, but is not limited to information provided by us directly, by the properties and/or by third party providers and relating to, but not limited to descriptions of properties, facilities, star-ratings, distances, maps and location. BH&V reserves the right to change any information contained in its pages, including these terms and conditions, at any time without prior notification to anyone.


BH&V does value your privacy. - We only collect your personal information to enable us to process your booking. - We will not knowingly disclose your personal information to third parties. - Whenever you navigate from our site to a third party’s site to either process your booking or payment, the third party’s privacy policy shall apply. - We will take all reasonable steps to protect the security of the personal information we collect from visitors during the booking process.


4.1 BH&V passes on any booking request to a third party to process, using their rates and availability. BH&V does not have any direct access to a property’s rooms inventory and therefore we cannot and will not be held liable for unavailability of accommodation caused by an accommodation provider’s own overselling of their inventory.

4.2 BH&V makes no warranty or representation as to the fitness or suitability of any product or service displayed on our website. Without affecting any customer’s statutory rights that cannot be lawfully excluded, BH&V shall not be liable for any losses, damages, injuries, claims or expenses, irrespective of whether direct, indirect or as a consequence, arising out of the use of our website or those of any third party’s site accessed via BH&V’s website or in connection with any of the products and services purchased through our site.

4.3 BH&V cannot be held liable for any content, opinions and other materials expressed in websites which are linked to any of its own web pages.


All materials, such as text, photos and any other information contained in our website may not be copied, saved, used or reproduced in any form whatsoever for commercial use.


6.1 Complaints & Suggestions

BH&V tries to settle any issues or complaints quickly with fairness for all parties concerned. Any comments should be sent by email to

6.2 Governing Law

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Indonesia.