Henry`s Grill & Bar at Aryaduta Bali
Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Dinner at Henry`s Grill & Bar Kuta

As I had mentioned in an earlier post, we finally did go to Henry`s Grill & Bar at the Aryaduta Bali for my recent birthday. We had a good night out, just as expected, enjoying great steak and a nice bottle of red wine.
It seems the menu had changed since I last had looked at their website, so we got some new items to consider. It was good to see that a garden salad was now available as well.
For starters, we chose salmon tartare and tuna crudo. The tartare was a tasty mixture of salmon and avocado, whilst the tuna crudo got its juicy flavours from the orange and radish slices and the fine apple julienne.
For the main course it was striploin with pepper sauce for my husband and the ribeye for me, with Béarnaise sauce (that`s a must). No sides are included, so we ordered mashed potatoes, charred asparagus and a garden salad. Both steaks were grilled to perfection as ordered and the meat was indeed flavorsome and tender. Well worth to try!
After enjoying our meal and bottle of wine, we were surprised with a chocolate birthday cake, just when we thought we could not eat even one more bite! But that of course was no excuse to not indulge in it, together with a strong espresso..
Big thanks to Marcel, the General Manager of the Aryaduta, who had come by and to whom I had mentioned in my earlier visit that I might come over for my birthday. He had still remembered it….
All the service staff were very attentive, friendly and knowledgeable and they ensured our evening was a truly memorable experience…